• Projects

    Christmas Lights v3

    I tried three different versions of Christmas lights on my house. The first version used mini white lights, which looked great but burned out over time. The second version used tape/ribbon LED lights along the roofline, but they started to discolor and were not individually addressable. The third version is currently up and uses individually addressable LED lights, allowing for a variety of patterns and animations.

  • Sailing

    Restoring a Flying Dutchman

    It was quite an endeavor to get this boat from where it was when it joined our family to what it is today. We replaced the deck, floor, keel and then refinished the hull. The floor and hull was done by a boat builder, the deck and part of the floor was done by me. I think it turned out all right but the sad thing about it is that shortly after finishing all the work we moved to Boston and had to leave the boat behind. It is living in storage now.