WordPress Mobile

Two hours of trouble shooting and then a simple delete and add fixed everything!

One of the challenges with blogging is that if you are doing something and thing that this would be great to capture for later… the problem is that you don’t want to stop what you are doing.

If you do stop and snap a photo or jot down a note, you probably will forget why you made the note or took the photo when you get back to your computer.

Enter the WordPress App. A simple way to create a blog post, upload photos, and make edits while you go. Then when you finish your project, you can just review your notes and click publish.

So why this post… well I just spent two hours figuring out why I could not post or upload images from my phone. I kept getting a connection failed error.

After reading multiple blogs about installing jetpack, proxying through wordpress.com, configuring cloudflare for xml-rpc, adjusting maximum file upload sizes, post sizes, etc… nothing worked.

What did work? I deleted the site from the app and re-added it.

What I think I did different is that the first time I added the site using the /wp-admin url wheras the second time I did not.

If you are fighting with the same problem, hopefully this helps!