Our Dutchman

Published on Thursday, 14 July 2011

We did it! To the left you will see a picture of our Flying Dutchman sailboat actually sailing.

Although not that fast in this particular picture we have had it going a pretty good clip where we got to use the trapeze to hang out over the edge and even with that we ended up dumping wind out of the sails to slow it keep from capsizing.

It was quite an endeavor to get this boat from where it was when it joined our family to what it is today. We replaced the deckfloorkeel and then refinished the hull. The floor and hull was done by a boat builder, the deck and part of the floor was done by me. I think it turned out allright but the sad thing about it is that shortly after finishing all the work we moved to Boston and had to leave the boat behind. It is living in storage now.

If you arrived at this site, you are probably interested in the work that I did myself. Well, you are in luck. I tried to capture much of it in my online boat refinishing journal. I hope you enjoy it although as I have said elsewhere on this site, if I were to do it again, I wouldn't. Refinishing an old boat truly is a hole in the water to dump money into. For the cost of materials and time we could have enjoyed a few years membership at a sailing club and actually been sailing instead of sanding or breathing toxic fiberglassing fumes. Live and learn.

Of course, if you do own a boat, going through a restoration process takes much of the fear out of fixing things yourself so it could save you money in the long run. Re-fiberglassing a surface or re-enforcing something on the boat is easy once you know how to fiberglass.